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The Icelandic word Von translates directly as hope. We think that this symbol has an important place in the collection, as hope carries with it a sense of inspiration, perseverance, and positivity. We draw inspiration from the ancient art of binding runes, a craft practiced by Nordic peoples for more than a thousand years. Our original designs are based on twelve inspirational Icelandic words, with each letter of the chosen word represented by a corresponding runic letter. To create a bindrune, the runic letters are overlapped along a single central stave. Bindrunes were used to cast magic spells, conceal secrets, and to create powerful personal amulets. The ancient Norse believed that a bindrune could intensify the meaning of a personal message and invoke its power in their lives. Bindrune and chain are rhodium coated. 925 silver. Over time, your. 925 silver pendant may require gentle polishing. Avoid wearing the product in the shower or when swimming in order to preserve its finish. Color: metallic

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